Goals of International Dyslexia Association (IDA)

The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) has a variety of goals for their organization. The website is full of information regarding the condition. They also aim other educational seminars for professionals that work with children.you-tube

Liz Liptak-Lexercise, Program Director, discusses the National Dyslexia Association in thisĀ  YouTube Video:

Teaching Teachers

One of the primary objectives of the IDA is to put out materials that can help with instruction for pupils with dyslexia. One of the offerings is a book entitled “Dyslexia in the Classroom: What Every Teacher Needs to Know.”

It is a comprehensive guide to helping teachers understand what this condition is. They even assist the teachers to recognize the symptoms.

The IDA understands that teachers are the first line of defense regarding this disorder. Without an understanding of dyslexia, teachers cannot reach this population of students.

The book details further ways that teachers can help to screen pupils for dyslexia. They will then be able to assist them in their classroom learning through modifying their interactions with that student.

This book seems to be a great manual that will raise awareness of educators that work with children. It is of vital importance to catch this condition in the early years. Only through early diagnosis can children reach their full potential, which is a mandate of the IDA.

Help for Families


The IDA also works with families to help them ensure that their children are getting the quality of care. They do this through a variety of mediums.

The IDA has published a written handbook that parents can have as a resource. The handbook is entitled “IDA Dyslexia Handbook: What Every Family Should Know.” Not only does this handbook give valuable information regarding what dyslexia is, but it also goes in depth with assessment tools.

Often parents are left scrambling wondering how they can be a voice for their child with the condition. They might feel that the child is just being left behind in school and forgotten. The parents will learn through this handbook what teaching methods indeed do work for those with dyslexia.

There may be frustrating battles with establishments and even in the medical community that ensue. Parents should not just passively accept anything that is thrown their child’s way after diagnosis or in the preliminary stages.

This handbook will help parents rather learn tools for self-advocacy. Their rights or those of the child might be being put aside through bureaucracy. One of the goals of the IDA is to help parents to transcend this state of helplessness into assertiveness that comes from a place of strength.

Network of Specialty Schools

The IDA has lists of schools on their website that are independent and pay particular help to children with dyslexia. These schools also help children with ADHD and Aspergers. The goal of IDA is to be a resource to help connect the parents with these options.

The IDA has many plans for people who have dyslexia. It is helpful to discuss the goals of International Dyslexia Association (IDA), as many families feel isolated through this disorder. Knowing there is an international organization geared to helping them can help families to feel connected and assisted again.