What Dyslexia Resources are Available in Northern California

Locating resources for dyslexia in one’s location can be difficult. The demands of this condition make it seem virtually impossible to find the time to make the calls necessary to connect with the needed professionals and support system. The following is a list of supports that are available to residents in Northern California.

Finding Individual Support From the IDA In North California.

California BridgeIndividual support is available for people with dyslexia in Northern California. No one needs to live in this area with children with this condition and feel isolated. One excellent resource that is very scientific is the International Dyslexia Association (IDA). The IDA has an accessible website at http://isn.eida.org/. This organization hosts webinars for people who have access to a computer. These webinars range in their practicality for parents, but most have to do with teaching tools and parental support for children living with dyslexia.

Membership fees depend on whether one is a personal member or is part of a professional organization. Most of these memberships are under $100 except the President’s Membership. The President’s Membership gives a comprehensive supply of all the various publications that the IDA puts out. This might be a great option for a professional looking to update the latest research regarding dyslexia.

North Californian Organizational Help from the IDA

There are also memberships to the IDA that are for schools and corporations. Schools with these groups will probably have the best resources for children with dyslexia. In California, the following schools become members of the International Dyslexia Association:

-Athena Academy in Palo Alto, CA
-The Charles Armstrong School in Belmont, CA
-Chartwell School in Seaside, CA
-Hope Academy for Dyslexics in Concord, CA
-Newbridge School in Poway, CA
-The Prentice School in Santa Ana, CA
-Sand Hill School in Palo Alto, CA
-Stanbridge Academy in San Mateo, CA
-Sterne School in San Francisco, CA
-The Winston School in Del Mar, CA
-Benetech in Palo Alto, CA
-LearnUp Centers in San Francisco, CA
-Stellar Academy for Dyslexics in Newark, CA

These might be good schools for families who are looking to transfer a recently diagnosed child who is not getting the help they need at their current school. These schools have a level of awareness of dyslexia among the teachers. These professionals are probably cognizant of teaching methods that work for children with dyslexia.